Fiona Rogerson, Perinatal Counselling and HypnoBirthing

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My name is Fiona, I am a tertiary qualified counsellor (B.Couns) (Australian Counselling Association member) and HypnoBirthing childbirth educator here in Perth Western Australia. I am also a certified birth and postnatal doula. I am a mother to three precious loves who every day light up my world.

Through my journey into parenthood I have experienced the unimaginable heartbreak of loss, the numbness of secondary infertility, the power of childbirth, intense breast-feeding struggles, and also post natal depression. Three very different births that changed who I am in ways I cannot even begin to describe.


Counselling for both women and men as they process the perinatal period of their life. You are happy that you are finally ready to conceive, or that you are pregnant, or that you have had a healthy baby, but somewhere underneath the surface you feel overwhelmed, anxious, numb, angry, sad, broken.

You may or may not know why. But you know you don’t feel right, and you want to feel different. My counselling gives you an opportunity to explore this in a safe, supported environment, to gain an understanding of factors that may be influencing your situation, then work towards healing.

Birth Debriefing Sessions

Birth debriefing, for mothers and fathers, gives you a safe, confidential opportunity to talk openly and honestly about your experience of birth, with someone who is trained to support you in telling your story, so that your story is heard and acknowledged. These sessions will help you make sense of the events that happened during and surrounding your birth, but also the array of deep emotions and feelings that went with it and still continue. It will help you to greater understand your experience, clarify events, identify feelings, provide answers to questions, and develop tools to move forward with healing.

HypnoBirthing Classes

Do you avoid thinking about your birth ahead? Do you fear birth? Have your previously experienced birth trauma? Do you want to overcome fear and anxiety to walk toward your birth in confidence and strength? My HypnoBirthing® childbirth education classes will educate, inspire and empower you towards a calm, positive, fearless birthing experience. I will guide and teach you to step in to your birth with power and strength to achieve the birth your heart deeply desires.
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