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My name is Fiona, I am a registered, tertiary qualified counsellor, based in Perth WA, where I run an incredible practice that supports women, men and their relationship, who are facing the aftermath of perinatal and birth trauma.

I am also a certified childbirth educator, and birth and postnatal doula. I am a mother to three precious loves who every day light up my world.

Through my journey into parenthood I have experienced the unimaginable heartbreak of loss, the numbness of secondary infertility, the power of childbirth, intense breast-feeding struggles, and also post natal depression. Three very different births that changed who I am in ways I cannot even begin to describe. But a journey that has brought me here, to serve and support women.


It just feels like no one gets it. No one understands, especially those closest to you. You don’t want to be judged for feeling the way you do so you don’t speak up. But dealing with this alone is exhausting, frustrating and at times, scary. You just want someone to listen and help you find a way out.

Somewhere underneath the mask you feel overwhelmed, anxious, numb, angry, sad, broken. You’re not exactly sure why you’re feeling the way you do, but you know you don’t feel right, and you want to feel different. 

I get it. I truly do. And I know how to help you so you don’t have to continue feeling this way.

My counselling gives you an opportunity to explore whatever it is you’re experiencing in a safe, supported space, to gain an understanding of factors that may be influencing your situation, tools to cope, and work towards healing


It may have happened years ago, perhaps even in childhood, but your trauma still impacts you daily. There are times where you feel like you’ve been taken right back to those moments…. flooded with overwhelm, anxiety, fear or sadness.  You don’t know why, or how to get passed this, but you want to leave it behind so that you can move forward with your life.

Stress responses during distressing experiences are part of our natural fight, flight, or freeze instincts. When distress from a disturbing event remains after the incident has passed, the upsetting images, thoughts, and emotions may create feelings of overwhelm, of being back in that moment, or of being “frozen in time.” 

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy, whether held online or face-to-face, helps the brain process these memories, and allows normal healing to resume. The experience is still remembered, but the fight, flight, or freeze response from the original event is resolved, allowing you to move forward and leave that event or memory back where it needs to be, no longer impacting your life.

Birth Debriefing

Birth debriefing, both online and in-person for mothers and fathers throughout Australia, gives you a safe, confidential opportunity to talk openly and honestly about your experience of birth, with someone who is trained to support you in telling your story, so that your story is heard and acknowledged. 

These sessions will help you make sense of the events that happened during and surrounding your birth, but also the array of deep emotions and feelings that went with it and still continue. It will help you to greater understand your experience, clarify events, identify feelings, provide answers to questions, and develop tools to move forward with healing.

7 Signs Your Birth Trauma Is Impacting Your Parenting​​

A free guide to acknowledging the invisible role of birth trauma… taking the first step in becoming the parent you’ve imagined you’d be. 

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