Fiona Rogerson – Perinatal and Trauma Counselling


You’re not exactly sure why you’re feeling the way you do, but you know you don’t feel right, and you want to feel different. 

Somewhere underneath the mask you wear, you feel overwhelmed, anxious, numb, angry, sad, broken.  

It feels like no one gets it.  No one understands, especially those closest to you.  You don’t want to be judged for feeling the way you do so you don’t speak up.  But dealing with this alone is exhausting, frustrating and at times, scary.  You just want someone to listen and help you find a way out.

I get it.  I truly do.  I’ve been there.

What is counselling?

You are entitled to live a rewarding and fulfilling life. At times, this just doesn’t seem possible, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore your concerns in a safe, supported environment, gain an understanding of factors that may be influencing your situation, then work towards moving forward with tools and strategies to improve your situation. As your counsellor, I facilitate this exploration with an integrative psychotherapeutic approach (including attachment theory, EMDR, parts work, CBT, SFT, mindfulness), without judgement, with discussions that work toward achieving your goals and resolving issues in a way that suits you. I will not diagnose you with a mental health condition, instead, we will work together to identify and draw on your own resources and strengths to overcome the challenges you’re facing.

There are often many feelings that accompany parenting in the early years, particularly following birth. However shame and guilt are often there too, preventing parents from seeking support that can help them to feel whole again.  Mothers and fathers deserve to be healthy, and strong too. I know you are grateful that you have a healthy baby, or that you are finally pregnant, and you love your family, but you may also be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, numb, frustrated, angry, sad, out of control, broken. You may or may not know why. But you know you want to feel different.

Who is counselling for?

Counselling is simply for everyone… anyone who is experiencing difficulties that needs support and guidance from someone that will hear you and support you in finding resolution and peace.

Our particular areas of expertise are based our tertiary qualifications, our extensive work with trauma and in the perinatal and parenting industry; and our own lived experience, and include:

• PTSD and Complex PTSD  
• Birth trauma counselling
• Breastfeeding/postnatal trauma
• Attachment/relational trauma
• Birth debriefing
• Prenatal and postnatal anxiety
• Unplanned pregnancy
• Fertility difficulties and infertility
• Loss of identity, self-esteem or self-confidence
• Men’s counselling, including trauma, anxiety, stress, debriefing, birth trauma, parenting.
• Culture, values and religious issues
• Transition to parenthood 
• Anger, guilt, anxiety
• Grief and Loss


Our approach

The idea of coming to a counselling session can be daunting. You may be feeling anxious about speaking to someone you don’t know well, unsure if it can help, or be worried that you will be judged. Even considering counselling as a way of getting some help for your situation is something that should be commended. Knowing what to expect from your session with me may help you feel a little less nervous about your first appointment.

When we meet for the first time it will be in a room that provides confidentiality so that we can speak freely. We will begin our session with an explanation of formalities, including details such as session timings, paperwork, my role, your role, confidentiality etc. I will also explain my integrative psychotherapeutic approach to counselling so that you have a good understanding of the process. From there we will work toward gaining a clearer foundation of the issues that are concerning you. Some people come to counselling knowing exactly what they want to work on, others come with general feelings that are weighing them down, so we work to understand this more. This involves working through a series of questions that will help us both gain a better look at the big picture. This process will continue throughout our sessions as we explore what is happening, how it is affecting you, and how we can work toward change.

I will be there to listen and to hear you, to support you, and to accept you, at every step.


Pricing for counselling sessions is as follows:

60 minutes $165

Private Health Insurance rebates may apply.  Fees are payable in full prior to the appointment.

Make an appointment

Counselling sessions are available SOR Perth in Success, NOR Perth in Highgate, and Australia-wide online,
Monday to Friday.


To book your initial appointment, either book directly through the following calendar link (counselling appointments only), or complete the form below it to submit an enquiry and I will contact you directly:

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