Fiona Rogerson – Perinatal and Trauma Counselling


Having faced significant PTSD after my first birth 10 years ago, I was convinced I was not able to face having more children and was incredibly apprehensive and fearful upon finding out I was pregnant again.

However, your unwavering reassurance and support played a pivotal role in helping me navigate this experience with confidence and peace of mind. Your compassion, extensive knowledge, and exceptional skills set a standard of care that is truly remarkable.

Additionally, the EMDR therapy proved to be instrumental in my healing process, and I am immensely grateful for your guidance in incorporating it into my journey.

I want you to know that I have spoken highly of you to my private midwife, and I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know. Your dedication to your patients and your ability to provide personalised, compassionate care make you truly outstanding in your field.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. Your impact on my journey will be remembered and cherished always.

I am thrilled to share the wonderful news that I had a successful home birth, welcoming a healthy little boy named into the world. This incredible, empowering, and healing birth experience is something that has had a profoundly positive impact on myself and my family. I will cherish this forever, and I owe a significant part of it to you.

I really can’t believe what a difference this experience has been, it’s chalk and cheese.

I didn’t even face any fear during the birth.

I’m enjoying every minute of being a mum this time. I’m not broken, I’m elated and so is our family! ~ AT



I just wanted to let you know I welcomed my baby girl last week! I got my vbac I so badly wanted, and it was overall an incredible experience that went so so well. I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for all your help processing my last birth and really helping me shape my mindset going into this birth. I laboured without fears from the last birth interfering and my mental health since has been so good and I’m able to enjoy the newborn bubble. I still intend on coming in to debrief with you once I’ve settled into newborn life, as I believe it will be helpful, but wanted to say a huge thank you now.  I’ve been in awe this time around at how positive my mental state can be even with the severe sleep deprivation that comes with newborns! Totally different to how I walked out of my first birth. 

The work you do helping people navigate the birth space is amazing and I’m sure I wouldn’t have had such a healing experience this time if it weren’t for you. I’d love people to know that the next birth can be different.   ~ AH

I had my 2 hour counselling session with Danielle and I just wanted to pass on feedback/message back to her please through you.

It has really helped me. When I got home I felt lighter a feeling I haven’t experienced in quite some time. She was such a good listener and had some really valuable things to say and was so understanding and supportive and made me realise how important it was that I took the step to get some help and how helpful it really was.

Danielle mentioned EMDR and that I could think about doing it but I feel I don’t need it as I feel like I’ve well and truly dealt with all that happened and don’t feel I need further help. But please thank her so very much for me.

The world needs more people such as yourselves.
~ LA


I recommend Fiona to clients and those who share their stories on social media who have experienced birth trauma, as well as doulas who have experienced birth trauma while attending births of their clients. Fiona has also been a speaker at the Doula Training Academy sharing her knowledge and expertise on how she can support doulas through birth trauma and their own mental health issues. I have personally engaged her services when I needed someone more than a friend to debrief with. She has a calming energy, listens intently and provides resources and guidance that has been very helpful and reassuring. Fiona is definitely someone I would recommend to those seeking counselling support. ~ Vicki


Thank you so much Fiona for helping me to have the most peaceful birth. You helped me to achieve my aim for having an empowered birthing experience with no regrets associated and a full understanding of what I wanted. Thank you xx  ~ Gemma


Thank you Fiona for your classes! I looked forward to each Friday night and enjoyed each and every one of them. The classes were held in a beautiful comfortable space, where relaxation and meditation was made easy. You held space and answered everyone’s questions honestly and with an open heart, often sharing your own experiences. The classes were very informative, nurturing and empowering. I feel so confident going into my VBAC birth experience and would highly recommend your course to all parents-to-be. ~ Tara

Thank you for the last 5 weeks!  I found Fiona had a great ability to run the course in a way where she shared her personal opinions and experiences but without pushing those necessarily onto others. She remains quite neutral while also being informative. It’s a great skill to have! ~ Courtney

I attended Fiona’s course, and found it truly invaluable. The course shifted my perspective of birth, and enabled me to learn that a gentle, positive birth is not only possible, but completely natural. The course was provided in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and Fiona was very knowledgable in all aspects, as well as caring, thoughtful and encouraging. I am looking forward to the birth of my second baby, as I now know what is possible. I highly recommend Fiona’s course. ~ Amanda

Fiona is a LIFESAVER! I cannot recommend her higher. I was petrified of giving birth and was told by my health providers that my bub was going to be big. I was told to contact Fiona and after only one meeting with Fiona I felt empowered, knowledge and excitment for my birth. I gained so much confidence and a new friend along the way. Thankyou so much.  ~ Laura


Dear Fiona, thank you.  What you do is amazing.  You empower women in their journey of birthing.  In a culture of traumatic births, this is like a bright light in the dark!  So thank you for lighting up a beautiful pathway xx  ~ Joyce


I can’t thank Fiona enough for having myself and my husband for her course. From amazing education on choices during birth to relaxation methods and learning the power of my own mind, I finally believe in my ability to have an empowered birth after a traumatic delivery with my first born. I now can’t wait for my birth and I look forward to it with excitement and joy and the best, without fear!  ~ Sam


Fiona’s beautiful, gentle soul was exactly what I needed by my side when I birthed my 4th daughter. I was scared beyond belief. She grounded me and got me through the pregnancy. She helped us achieve the most amazing birth I have ever experienced. ~ Rhi

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