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Meet Danielle

Danielle brought a world wind of magic with her when she stepped into my practice as a perinatal and trauma counsellor.  She aligns so deeply with my values, my mission and my vision for serving the clients I serve. She works similarly to me therapeutically, but she connects to others and holds space for them in a way that is completely her own.

Let me tell you a bit about her…

It was Danielle’s own experience of birth and motherhood that landed firmly in this space. 

She says her world changed the moment she stepped foot into the hospital to give birth to her child. The birthing experience and everything that came afterwards was so totally overwhelming.  She experienced difficulties with birth trauma, breastfeeding and anxiety, and it was this experience that propelled her into therapy and totally transformed her.  

Danielle is a truly exceptional therapist, who brings to my practice a world of experience and knowledge in the perinatal and trauma space. She is a tertiary qualified, registered counsellor with extensive experience in providing counselling in the women’s health sector and crisis support. She brings an eclectic toolbox of therapeutic approaches to her work, including EMDR, ACT, CFT and Narrative Therapy.  Danielle is trained in my RISE approach to healing from birth and perinatal trauma that I utilise with every client, which brings this all together to provide consistency across the ways in which we both practice.

Danielle works from Success, Western Australia, as well as online via Zoom, with individuals throughout Australia.

Danielle Barker Fiona Rogerson Perinatal and Trauma Counselling

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