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Meet Caroline

Caroline has proven to be the perfect fit for my practice since the moment we met.  She strongly aligns with my values, mission, and vision for serving our clients. While our therapeutic approaches are similar, she has the most beautiful, unique way of connecting with people and holding space for them.


Caroline is an incredible therapist, who brings with her a comprehensive skillset that allows her to cater for diverse needs. Not online is Caroline a tertiary qualified, registered counsellor, she is also a qualified physiotherapist, naturopath and Bowen therapist, brining a wealth of knowledge to this work from varying perspectives. Motivated by the opportunity to positively impact the lives of mothers, fathers, and infants during this crucial period, Caroline is dedicated to providing compassionate and holistic care in her practice.


As a mother to three children, it was (and still is), her experiences of birth and motherhood that keep her deeply rooted in working in the perinatal space. Caroline’s journey into perinatal counselling was fueled by her realisation of the lack of support often encountered by mothers at different stages of the motherhood journey. Drawing from her background as an infant massage therapist/trainer and as a registered facilitator for the Mother-Baby Nurture program, she passionately advocates for nurturing the bond between mother and infant, recognising its profound impact on maternal and infant well-being.

Her therapeutic approach in supporting individuals and couples is centred around building trust and safety for and with her clients. Her focus is on healing early attachment wounds of trauma and neglect; working through birth trauma; resolving postnatal depression and anxiety; and coping with grief and loss.

Caroline utilises relational and attachment frameworks, incorporating an eclectic model of counselling theories. She is also trained in our RISE approach to healing from birth and perinatal trauma that we utilise with every client, which brings this all together to provide consistency across the ways in which we all practice.

What’s more, is that Caroline also works to support couples in the perinatal space, giving parents and couples the opportunity to seek support as individuals, but also for their relationship (which we know is vital to this stage of life, particularly post-trauma). It’s something that has been a long time coming as I know the need for perinatal focused relationship support is deeply needed. Click here to read more about working with Caroline in couples therapy


Caroline works from our Highgate space on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and with clients across Australia online via Zoom.

Caroline Menhinick Fiona Rogerson Perinatal and Trauma Counselling

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