Fiona Rogerson, Trauma and Perinatal Counselling, and HypnoBirthing

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Fiona Rogerson

I’m Fiona, a perinatal and trauma specialist counsellor with over 12 years of experience working with perinatal clients across various fields – antenatally as a childbirth educator, in the birth space as a doula, and postnatally as a postnatal doula and trauma counsellor.  Together, these experiences continue to give me a unique perspective on perinatal trauma, it’s far reaching impacts, and the work that can be done in this space.

In 2019 I began sharing the knowledge I had gained around perinatal trauma through the provision of trainings and workshops to health and support professionals across various industries.

Through this work I’ve noticed many limiting beliefs that prevent health professionals from stepping into the arena of support for their clients whom have experienced trauma – often when it’s needed most. In this guide I’ll show you how simple it can be to confidently take the first steps toward providing this much needed support.