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Private Tailored Birth Preparation

1:1 Private Birth Preparation Perth | Antenatal Education for Pregnancy and Post Birth (no birth attendance)

Not all women want a third person at their birth, I fully understand.  My first and foremost aim with all of the work I do, whether it be as a doula or as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, is to encourage, support and empower women and their families to step into their birthing with confidence and knowledge.  I have always deeply felt that my work as a doula is most important BEFORE the birth… empowering women, informing them of their options, helping them to discover their birthing dreams and then working toward that. Giving them the tools they need during their pregnancy so that they can confidently take the reigns during their birth and lead themselves to a positive birthing experience without relying on anyone else. Finding their power and using it.

Not all women want a doula or third person present at their birth but still have the need for the care of a doula in the lead up to and the days following their birth.  They have the need to learn and explore their own personal journey through pregnancy and the process of birth, to be feel supported, to be empowered with knowledge of birth, and have confidence in their ability to birth.

Every women and her birthing needs and wants are unique, so with this I offer tailored, private birth preparation… tailored doula care, throughout your pregnancy and post-birth, without my attendance at your birth.  I will work with you (and your support person/people if desired) to give you all of the care I would provide to my birth doula mothers.  I will meet with you through your pregnancy to form a trusting relationship with you where we can discuss your own personal birth desires and needs and work toward achieving those, and draw out and release any fears that are holding your back from achieving this. I will show you what to expect in later pregnancy, birth and post-birth.   I will show you how your body works in birthing and teach you practical birthing techniques, including positions for labour and breathing.  I will work with your support people to find their strengths, and empower them and give them the confidence they need to fully support you in birth both physically and mentally.  We will also discuss your postpartum plans to ensure you are fully prepared to bring your precious baby home.

I will tailor every session to YOU. We will work together to find out YOUR desires, work through YOUR fears, build YOUR birth plan, and SO much more.


Tailored 1:1 Pre/Post Birth Preparation ~ $495

My private, fully tailored education and care services include the following –

  • Free, non-obligatory meeting at a mutually convenient place where we discuss your needs to see if I am the right support person for you.
  • 2 antenatal visits, either in your home or at a mutually convenient place, where we will discuss everything listed above, plus 1 postnatal visit
  • OR 3 antenatal visits only


HypnoBirthing PLUS Pre/Post Birth Preparation package ~ $975

My HypnoBirthing PLUS private, fully tailored Doula Care services include the following –

  • HypnoBirthing small group class course attendance of 5x 2.5hr sessions
  • 2 antenatal visits, either in your home or at a mutually convenient place, where we will discuss everything listed above, plus more.
  • 1 postnatal visit


Private Birth Preparation Perth.  Find out more…

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Private Birth Preparation Perth
Private Birth Preparation Perth