Fiona Rogerson, Trauma and Perinatal Counselling, and HypnoBirthing

Fiona Recommends

The owners of each of these Perth based businesses are dedicated to serving people like you… to empower, strengthen and guide. I highly value the extraordinary work they do to support women and men in all areas of their perinatal journey.



Cat Fancote – Capturing Birth

Cat is a Perth based birthphotographer with a passion for capturing the beauty and emotion of birth.  She firmly believes that your baby’s birth is a story worth documenting. There will be moments of strength, exhaustion, vulnerability, happiness and so much love! And many tiny details, as insignificant as they may seem, that you will be ever so grateful to have captured to reflect back on and share with your loved ones.  Cat’s stunning image features in the background of the title of this page and throughout my blog.  Find out more about Cat’s work.


Baby Mumma – Perth

The Perth branch of Baby Mumma is run by Alice Mostert, mother of 2 (soon to be 3!), sonographer and passionate baby wearing advocate.  Baby Mumma offers a wide variety of baby wearing carriers, and Alyce provides baby wearing demonstrations either one-on-one, for groups (mothers groups, baby showers, friends) or she can come along to local babywearing meets.  Find out more about Baby Mumma Perth



Taryn Watson is a Women’s Health & ContinencePhysiotherapist from Perth, Western Australia, with a particular passion for providing pelvic floor friendly exercise options for women in their childbearing years. Since graduating from university in 2007 Taryn has grown her team at FitRight to more than 20 physiotherapists, and has grown the services to include education workshops and education and exercise video resources. Taryn is excited about what the future holds, and hopes that FitRight is changing the face of pregnancy and postnatal exercise. Her aim is that current and future generations of childbearing women will be empowered to keep as fit and active as possible in a way that protects their pelvic floor from unnecessary harm.  Find out more about FitRight.


Nurture & Nourish Breastfeeding and Parenting Support

Erika Van den dries, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant(IBCLC) offers mothers support in achieving their own personal breastfeeding goals by providing gentle guidance and individualised strategies. Consultations are provided in the comfort and privacy of your home, with a clearly documented plan for moving forward, and the option to have ongoing support in the following weeks.  Antenatal consultations are also available to pregnant women who are planning ahead for their breastfeeding journey with their soon-to-arrive baby.   Erika maintains small client numbers so that she is able to give her clients a unique level of care and attention.  Read more about Erika and Nurture & Nourish here.



With WellnessWith Wellness

Shonelle Siegmann, naturopath and herbalist, launched With Wellness in 2016.  She blends modern naturopathy with herbal traditions to offer something different to her clients. Her approach is empathetic and caring as she works with clients to un-jumble them, working holistically to give them tools to get through the day no matter what it throws.  Find out more about Shonelle’s work here.




If you have a business in the Perth area and would like to be involved in partnering to better parents antenatally and postnatally, please contact me.  I’d love to chat