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Perth Counsellor Reviews, HypnoBirthing Reviews

Perth Counsellor Reviews, HypnoBirthing Reviews


Thank you SOO much Fiona for an amazing 5 weeks of HypnoBirthing! Fiona runs a course that is jam packed with thorough content, practical techniques and is has so much knowledge on what she is teaching. Fiona will empower you to be excited and relaxed about your birth … we walked away feeling so calm and content about our birth, without fear. Fiona provided a beautiful relaxing space and was very patient! ~ Simone


Thank you so much Fiona! You have helped me work through my previous birthing experiences to allow me to enjoy this pregnancy and look forward to the birth ahead. Initially I was hesitant to do the course, but that this has been one of the best experiences and I feel far better about not just my pregnancy but my life in general. I wish that this was a mainstream childbirth education option! I’ll be recommending HypnoBirthing and of course the amazing Fiona to everyone who will listen  Thanks again x  ~ Alyce


I still can’t believe how much hypnobirthing helped my birthing experience! From being scared from previous births to my 3rd bub literally falling out from being so calm and relaxed. I can’t thank Fiona enough for her hypnobirthing classes. ~ Justine


Thank you so much Fiona for helping me to have the most peaceful birth, I am so glad I decided to attend this course in time for the birth of our 3rd child, it helped me to achieve my aim for having an empowered birthing experience with no regrets associated and a full understanding of what I wanted. Thank you xx  ~ Gemma


Dear Fiona, thank you.  What you do is amazing.  You empower women in their journey of birthing.  In a culture of traumatic births, this is like a bright light in the dark!  So thank you for lighting up a beautiful pathway xx  ~ Joyce


Thank you Fiona for your 5 week Hypnobirthing classes! I looked forward to each Friday night and enjoyed each and every one of them. The classes were held in a beautiful comfortable space, where relaxation and meditation was made easy. You held space and answered everyone’s questions honestly and with an open heart, often sharing your own experiences. The classes were very informative, nurturing and empowering. I feel so confident going into my VBAC birth experience and would highly recommend your course to all parents-to-be. ~ Tara


Thank you for the last 5 weeks!  I found Fiona had a great ability to run the course in a way where she shared her personal opinions and experiences but without pushing those necessarily onto others. She remains quite neutral while also being informative. It’s a great skill to have! ~ Courtney


I attended Fiona’s hypnobirthing course, and found it truly invaluable. The course shifted my perspective of birth, and enabled me to learn that a gentle, positive birth is not only possible, but completely natural. The course was provided in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and Fiona was very knowledgable in all aspects, as well as caring, thoughtful and encouraging. I am looking forward to the birth of my second baby, as I now know what is possible. I highly recommend Fiona’s course. ~ Nichola


This was my first pregnancy and being an older first time mother I was nervous given the horror stories I´d heard in the past. I could count on one hand the number of women I knew that found birth a tolerable, let alone joyful process. I contacted Fiona rather late into my pregnancy and we got started straight away at the first session, discussing my fears, what I wanted out of the birth experience and where I could gain the knowledge to give me the best chance to get the birth I wanted. As it turned out we only had one pre-natal session before I went into labour at 37 weeks. It didn’t matter, Fiona was on her way the minute I called to say my contractions were coming hard and fast and was at the hospital not long after my partner and I arrived! We were both relieved beyond words when she entered the room, her presence was immediately calming but with a sense of excitement for what was about to come. I can truly say I was one of the lucky women who enjoyed my birth experience. Yes it’s hard work, and of course there is some pain but it was the understanding that everything I was feeling was natural and was bringing me one step closer to meeting my son that enabled me to let go of my fear and embrace the whole process. Thank you Fiona for empowering my partner and I and helping us to experience a wonderful birth. You were always there to help and offer encouragement and it allowed my partner, who never once had to leave my side, to focus solely on me. It was an unforgettable experience.  ~ Heidi


Fiona’s beautiful, gentle soul was exactly what I needed by my side when I birthed my 4th daughter. I was scared beyond belief. She grounded me and got me through the pregnancy. She helped us achieve the most amazing birth I have ever experienced. Most of the time I forgot she was there, but she knew when I needed her.  Fiona, This is your calling. Any woman who has you as her Doula, is blessed.  ~Rhi


I chose to have a doula, as this was my first child and I did not have a partner. I wanted to feel supported and educated in having a natural birth. Fiona empowered and encouraged me to make conscious choices for my birthing experience. She provided me with valuable information about natural birthing. Fiona engaged really well with myself and my sister, who was also present during my birthing experience. I felt open and comfortable during my birth. I was able to express my feelings, thoughts and decisions throughout my birthing experience and did not feel judged, instead felt very supported.  Prior to my birth I had thoughts that my birth would be extremely painful and as a result I did have a fear, of giving birth. Fiona assisted me in feeling and seeing that this birthing process was going to be an amazing experience. She assisted me in feeling that I was on control of this birthing experience.  It was the best decision I made in having Fiona as my doula. My sister felt a great deal of support from Fiona and felt that the experience was less stressful. Fiona assisted my sister and myself to feel calm, through our meetings before my birth and during. Fiona’s knowledge and experience made this birthing experience a wonderful and satisfying one…..Thank You! ~ Michelle


Fiona is an incredibly supportive, kind gentle person who makes you feel safe & encouraged! Her personality & passion for your rights as a birthing mama & a pregnant woman shines through, empowering you for your birth to be the best experience. She is there every step of the way & the feeling of having her there as you go through labour & bring your baby into the world is amazing! I will be forever grateful to have met Fiona & for her to be with us for our babies arrival, much love x ~ Claire


Fiona photographed the birth of my third baby. She arrived excitedly after my 6am text of “this is happening” I
laboured throughout the day, and Fiona maintained a quiet, unobtrusive presence. I almost forgot she was there as I growled and moaned and birthed my boy. I didn’t feel observed, I felt supported and respectfully witnessed. Then the photos came. To this day, the little details that Fiona captured, my midwife’s notes, my husband’s hand holding mine, the expression on my face as I worked so hard, and finally the arrival of James Tiberius, are my most precious
possessions. I still share the footage each birthday, and reflect on one of my biggest achievements. Fiona, magically managed to capture that, quietly, respectfully and beautifully. ~ Chloe

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