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Who is Fiona?

Who is Fiona?


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My name is Fiona, I am a tertiary qualified counsellor (B.Couns) (Australian Counselling Association member) and HypnoBirthing childbirth educator here in Perth Western Australia.  I am also a certified birth and postnatal doula. I am a mother to three precious loves who every day light up my world. Through my journey into parenthood I have experienced the unimaginable heartbreak of loss, the numbness of secondary infertility, the power of childbirth, intense breast-feeding struggles, and also post natal depression. Three very different births that changed who I am in ways I cannot even begin to describe.

The more I learned about birth and educated myself about the choices that were available to me, the more empowered I became in my birth decisions. This ultimately led me to experience pure joy. A clear example of what the power of good supoprt and education can do, and a true testament to what self belief can achieve.

As well as being a mother, I have spent 7 years working as a pregnancy and newborn photographer, which has allowed me to speak constantly with loving parents both in the lead up to their birth as well as soon after. The more I spoke to new mums and dads in my studio about their expectations prior to and then the reality of their birth, the more I learned that so many lack the support, knowledge and confidence to believe in themselves and their body.

I noticed that, like myself in my first birth, most women place the outcome of their birth in the hands of others, not believing that they themselves have the power to create the birth they desire.

But the most important thing I discovered, again like myself and my husband, is that most lack the understanding of the impact their birth can have in the months and years following, this being the most pivotal realisation for me. When a women is made to feel disrespected or disempowered in her pregnancy, birthing or postpartum, then the effects can be lifelong.  This is the same for her partner.  Men struggle too, with their own experience of birth, their need to support their wife, the expectations of work and fatherhood.  It can be so so hard.

Speaking to these parents, together with my own experiences of birth and motherhood, has led me here to become a fully accredited Counsellor and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator. I am deeply passionate about supporting both women and men as they move through their varying emotions and experiences at this pivotal point in their lives.

A positive birth is created from a place of empowerment and choice, no matter how birth unfolds. Every women deserves the right to be supported and respected in their birth choices.

I remove the fear that surrounds birth so that you can meet your birth with the confidence and support you need to make informed decisions, leading you to a positive and fulfilled birthing experience.

For those that have been affected by an experience of birth, pregnancy or parenting that wasn’t as you had expected or wanted, I am here to listen and HEAR you, to support you and to guide you to finding resolution, fulfilment and happiness again.

I do this through my private counselling practice based in Bedfordale and Gosnells, where I work primarily with women and men through issues they face surrounding parenthood, whether it be pregnancy anxiety, birth debriefing, birth trauma, stress, relationship support, loss, fertility, and more. I provide safe, confidential, supportive counselling through an integrative psychotherapeutic approach.

I also bring the amazing techniques of HypnoBirthing (the Mongan Method) to my clients with group and private classes. I offer Private Birth Preparation sessions also, where I tailor every detail specifically to you and your birthing needs, building your birth plan together step-by-step and giving you education and support you need to be fearlessly informed and confident for your birthing.  As well as a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator I am also certified as a Birth Doula and a Postpartum Doula, trained through Australian Doulas. I support new mothers and their partners emotionally and physically throughout their transition into parenthood through the early postnatal period.

No matter what you need for where you are at in your life, I will be there to support and nurture you throughout your journey.



Qualifications and training

Bachelor of Counselling – Edith Cowan University

Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training – Government of Western Australia (2020)

Perinatal Anxiety Disorder Training – KEMH (2019)

Working with Complex Trauma – Blue Knot Foundation (2019)

Understanding and Applying the CBT Model – CCI (2019)

Rainbows Children’s Grief and Loss Facilitator Training –  (2019)

Mental Health First Aid certification – MHFA (2019)

Case Management Tools – RDP Enterprise Solutions (2019)

Communicare – Curriculum and Re-Engagement (CaRE school) Youth Mentor training (2019)

Domestic Violence Alerts – Lifeline WA (2018)

Physiological Birth and Induction – Dr Rachel Reed, Midwife Thinking (2018)

Spinning Babies Workshop – Ginny Phang-Davey (2017)

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator Certification – HypnoBirthing Institue (2016)

Birth Doula Training – Australian Doulas (2016)

Postnatal Doula Training – Australian Doulas (2015)

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