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The program to move beyond your fear and confidently birth again after birth trauma

I see you, Mama…

Thinking about your next birth makes you feel anxious, fearful and completely avoidant.

You know on the other side is a beautiful baby, but your trauma experience from your first birth means the thought of doing it again is terrifying…

So right now…

More than ANYTHING else, you don’t want what happened in your last birth to repeat itself. You felt like you barely coped last time, so you’re not sure how you would cope again.

You want another child, but feel you just can’t do that again. You wish you felt different but it’s a constant flip between fear and dread. 

Or maybe you’re not even sure you want another child, but decision and conversations around that feels too overwhelming. 

You don’t know what you could’ve done differently. You’ve attended the classes and read the books, but it still happened.

You feel like you and your partner just aren’t on the same page. He doesn’t fully understand your experience, and you feel he hasn’t dealt with his.

It’s easier right now to avoid thinking about it at all. But you know you’re going to have to deal with it sooner or later.

What if I told you there was another way?

Imagine if it were possible…. 

To move into your next birth from a place of TRUE confidence. 

To feel truly equipped with a deep understanding of your previous experience, and how to make your second (or third, or fourth!) birth SIGNFICANTLY better. 

To take with you the tools and strategies to minimise the risk of further trauma. 

It’s possible for you to come out of your next birth feeling safe and secure.

It’s possible for you to confidently birth again.

It’s possible for you to change your story.

What is it ?

The Birth After Trauma program has been created for those who have previously experienced birth trauma, to give you the insight, knowledge and tools to emotionally, psychologically and physically prepare to boldly birth again.

Inside you’ll find my Birth After Trauma Blueprint…
How to move into your next birth without overwhelming anxiety or avoidance;
proven strategies for minimising trauma in your next birth;
and my best tools to support you in navigating the before, during and after of your next experience.

This curriculum has been intentionally designed to support you AND your partner, with each and every lesson, exercise and tool as relevant and supportive of your partner as it is for you. And it comes straight from my therapy room, where I’ve used these tools and strategies to support hundreds of birthing people.

12 years ago, I sought a different birth experience after my first birth left me reeling. Despite facing inductions and complications in my second and third births, I avoided the trauma of the first. In the past 3 years, I’ve supported countless of clients to do the same.

This program emerged from my search for a no-nonsense, informative approach specific to birthing again after trauma. I craved hidden insights beyond mechanics, with high-level support from someone who’d been in my shoes. It had to be curated by a qualified expert who understood the depths of my needs, addressing both my partner’s concerns and mine. It needed to be unique, tailored to my needs.

This program’s blueprint began there.

what is included ?

4 x 60 minute sessions for you AND your partner, with Danielle, our incredible program facilitator, perinatal trauma counsellor and EMDR therapist.  So that you feel fully supported and held in all areas.

A 60+ page hard copy resource book full of practical strategies, exercises, templates and worksheets to support you both in your preparation so that you have tangible tools at your fingertips.

A PDF copy of The Birth Map, by Catherine Bell. The book that boldly goes where no birth plan has gone before. 

Access to a private library of online video resources containing teachings from leaders in the field, on topics such as VBACs, birth physiology and birth mapping.


the curriculum

Week 1 – Understand Your Experience

Forming a deeper understanding of your previous experience for the purpose of differentiation, grieving, and learning.

  • Exploring the past through breaking down your experience so you can identifying themes and unmet needs from your birth.
  • Acknowledging the ongoing current impact of your previous birth so you can foster understanding and self-compassion.
  • Differentiating between trauma and grief.
  • Unpacking your reservations and fears for your next birth.
  • Identifying and realigning the goals of your next birth.


Week 2 – Creating Safety

Deepening your understanding of trauma and your body’s own response to trauma, with focus rebuilding an innate sense of safety.

  • Understanding of what trauma is and the function its trying to serve for you now.
  • Internal regulation skills through implementing polyvagal theory tools for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
  • Practical strategies for managing triggers.
  • Ways to process and resolve trauma from your previous experience.
  • 5 Practical tools and strategies for redeveloping self-trust.


Week 3 – Cultivating Trust

Cultivating safety through rebuilding trust in others.

  • Exploring all aspects of your care team – medical providers, birth supports, the birth space, complimentary care providers, family and friends, and community support.
  • Realistic and effective planning for your birth through birth mapping.
  • Effective and practical advocacy skills
  • Effective tools for communicating with care providers


Week 4 – Post-birth Care

Practical tools and strategies for navigating post birth in the aftermath of previous trauma.

  • Exploring methods for processing your next birth after it happens.
  • Tools and strategies for maintaining emotional and physical regulation in postpartum and early parenthood
  • Identifying your support village when you don’t feel you have one
  • Identifying and communicating needs to your partner and wider support network
  • Creating, implementing and sustaining effective boundaries
  • Realistic self-care for both parents

how it's different ?

  • Birth After Trauma is a culmination of my work as a perinatal and trauma therapist, a birth doula, a childbirth educator, and my own personal experience in birthing again after trauma, where I’ve identified the holes that leave those who have experienced birth trauma almost frozen in fear.
  • Birth After Trauma was created to equip you with the often overlooked, subtle aspects of knowledge – those crucial insights that remain concealed when it comes to birth and postpartum. The pieces that should’ve been taught before your first birth.
  • It goes far beyond the mere mechanics of birthing that grasps the significance of those invisible pieces that are never taught.
  • This curriculum has been intentionally designed to support you AND your partner, with each and every lesson, exercise and tool as relevant and supportive of your partner as it is for you.
  • The content and curriculum has been curated in collaboration with women who have been through previously traumatic births, and have themselves worked through this blueprint to avoid trauma in their subsequent experience. 

By the end of our time together, you’ll feel equipped with the knowledge, tools and support to minimise trauma in your next birth experience.


enRol here

The Birth After Trauma program is currently available in Success, WA, and Australia-wide online via zoom, with Danielle, Wednesday to Friday.

To register for the Birth After Trauma program, simply fill in the contact form below:

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