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The Birth Story of Jack

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First time parents, Belle and Adam, were driven to seek out HypnoBirthing to prepare them for their birth.  Belle shares their story…

Woke up at 6am on that Wednesday morning as per usual, getting ready to head to hospital for Adam knee surgery that had been booked for months now. On the way there, I mentioned to Adam I was feeling some unusual cramping but then reassured him it was probably Braxton Hicks.

Once I dropped Adam into surgery and was heading to my car, I phone my sister-in law to explain the cramping. She mentioned she suspected I may be in early labor. I then phone the hospital to let them know and went on with my day – Food shopping, went home and baked and apple pie, had a bath and listened to my Hypnobirthing soundtrack while practicing my breathing.

Come 3pm- we collected Adam from the hospital and headed home. It was quite a sight, Adam still high on painkillers and my labor advancing at that point. Needless to say, it was a little chaotic- My surges we’re getting stronger and had to stop myself every 5 minutes to breathe and concentrate, Adam in the meantime was having a slight reaction to his medication and was quite unwell, our friends in the midst of all these trying to get our dogs organized and ready to leave for their house.

Once the house got quiet, Adam and I both laid on the couch in silence. Adam had passed out exhausted and I was breathing through these surges as much as possible while trying to get some rest myself. Fast-forward to around 6pm, Adam decided we needed food and ordered us a pizza. By the time the doorbell rang, I was between surges and went to the door. While processing our payment, I then began having strong surges once again and had to walk away while Adam wobbled on crutches to collect the pizza and carry it to the bed, with his mouth!

Come 8 pm, I could feel my body shifting and the surges we’re becoming increasingly strong and difficult to breathe through. Just as I told Adam I was unsure I could get through this, my water slowly broke. My body went into a bit of a shock and all I could think about it getting in the shower. Once I regrouped, I asked Adam to call his mother as we we’re both unable to drive. 5 minutes later, I lost my mucus plug and then really knew this was happening tonight and I was finally going to hold my beautiful boy.

By 8.30pm, we arrived at the hospital. Greeted by some familiar and smiley faces, even though I was a little afraid, I knew I got this and that I trusted my body to safely birth my baby boy. As we provided the nurse with our sought out birthing plan, I stated to bounce softly on my birthing ball. Adam tried his very best to support me and talk me through all we had learnt throughout our Hypnobirthing classes. The breathing techniques are by far what was the most useful for me.

By 9am, my body started pushing, without my control. I pushed for a while but Adam was amazing at reminding me how strong and amazing I was and how far I had already come.

At 10.49pm, Jack Renaud Johnson was finally Earth side. The overwhelming joy of not only holding my first born son for the first time but also the rush of oxytocin and absolute empowerment and proudness I felt was unbelievable. My body delivered Jack safely to me. I did skin to skin for the next hour, while watching Jack breast crawl and finally latch. I simply watched in amazement the little boy I have been carrying for the last 10 months of my life. I had shifted, transformed and grown into a mother within 10 hours.

Perth birth classes

One thing I can say about my birth even though felt anxiety and had fears I felt that morning driving away from the hospital after dropping Adam off for surgery. Not knowing whether he would make it in time or would be able to support me through my labor. I did it, we did it. Together even though we we’re faced with small adversities, I was made to birth my boy and I did it all naturally as my body was

Belle and Adam x

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My name is Fiona Rogerson and I am an ACA accredited counsellor, and Hypnobirthing (Mongan Method) Practitioner.  I work with women and men to overcome emotional and psychological hurdles surrounding conception, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting and identity.  I am also available to provide professional development training and workshops to various organisations.  I am based south of the river in Perth and can be contacted by email at fiona@fionarogerson.com.au or phone 0402 017 425 or via my contact page.  Find me on Facebook and Instagram.

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My name is Fiona Rogerson and I am a registered Trauma and Perinatal Perth Counsellor and Childbirth Educator. I work with women and men to overcome emotional and psychological hurdles surrounding birth trauma, childhood trauma, traumatic experiences, as well as conception, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting and identity.  I am also available to provide supervision, mentoring and professional development training and workshops.  I am based south of the river in Perth. 

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To work with me, email at fiona@fionarogerson.com.au or phone 0402 017 425.

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